3 DAYS TILL KM: Hydrate.Me Wash + Rinse || Luxury Wash + RInse

20 Sep

Are you excited?? I know we are. Let’s continue our countdown!


On the 3rd Day Till KM, my true love gave to me:


Hydrate.Me Wash + Rinse




Luxury Wash + Rinse



I personally adore the Luxury Wash & Rinse by Kevin.Murphy for my hair. It works wonders for my afro. But I also from time to time indulge in the Hydrate.Me Wash & Rinse when I feel like my hair needs a bit more moisture. Both are filled with incredible hydration ingredients that assist in quenching the hair’s thirst! Benefits are below and can’t wait to see you at the show!


Hydrate.Me Wash + Rinse:

Features & Benefits
Sulphate free
Paraben free
Adds shine & moisture
Creates silky feel


Luxury Wash + Rinse:

Features & Benefits
Sulphate free
Paraben free
Smoothing shampoo
For thick or coarse, coloured hair
Adds weight and moisture to hair
Colour safe
Provides elasticity & shine





[NEW TREND ALERT] Reverse Manicure Tutorial

19 Sep


HELLO my little nail-lovers!!!


Now, I don’t know if you guys have seen these fun new nails but I adores them when I saw them and thought they were mighty interesting! I’ve seen them around the nail salon and people call them “Reverse Manicures” or #ReverseManicures on Instagram. It pretty much involves using reinforcement paper on the nails.


  1. Prep all the nails with a light base coat.
  2. Add your base color

  1. Once the nails are dried, place reinforcements at the base of the nail overlapping on the skin

  1. Paint the nails on the opposite end of the nail bed closer to the tips your preferred 2nd colour

  1. Dry the nails with the reinforcements still intact
  2. Once the nail is dried, carefully remove the reinforcements to reveal….

What do we think of the Reverse Manicure Nail??? Speak on it!


18 Sep

There is a technique to doing Ombre Hair, people!!! Please see a licensed professional or you may get results like this. LOLOL


14 Sep

I’ve seen this interesting trend around a couple times in the nail salon and I HAD to do a post on them. I absolutely ADORE tuxedo nails. They’re basically just a little mini tux on your nail. Some people do full-suits and some opt for the simple plain white shirt, button-up & cummerbund. Whatever you decide, this is certainly not a nail design that is going anywhere anytime soon!


And if you want to do a BLOUSE instead of a tux, check this out…. SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! 🙂



I’ve enclosed a tutorial below. I recommend using OPI: Alpine Snow for the White Base & OPI Black Onyx for the Tux.

We carry both of those nail colours at TBBS! 😉

112 Orfus Road, Toronto ON, M6A 1L9
Head Office:
Toll Free:




So, do we love it???? I may just have to rock these bad boys at the Kevin.Murphy event!!!

9 Days Till KM: Staying.Alive & Young.Again

14 Sep

On the 9th Day Till KM my true love gave to me…….

Kevin.Murphy Staying.Alive


Kevin.Murphy Young.Again

So, it’s officially 9 days until Kevin.Murphy comes to Toronto and I thought I would focus on my favorite products for my Afro! Kevin.Murphy products are fabulous because not only are they stock-filled with natural ingredients but they do wonders if you need moisture. My hair ALWAYS does require moisture and this combination gives my natural hair the healthy jumpstart that it needs. So, these are the Tika Paprika favorites.

Kevin.Murphy’s Staying.Alive is a leave-in conditioner that has amazing detangling benefits! Keeps your hair extremely moisturized as well.

Features & Benefit include:

*Smooths out frizz
*Helps to heal and repair the scalp
*Contains honey which help to seal the hair
And I pair Staying.Alive with Young.Again!

You apply YOUNG.AGAIN to freshly washed hair and before any styling products are used. Once dried you can apply a small amount to dry hair to further smooth the hair and remove any fly-aways.

Features & benefits

Weightless and nutrient rich

Regain elasticity and infuse hair with shine

Powerful antioxidants

Moisturises dry and damaged hair

Intensely condition hair
Immortelle the elixir of youth will restore and revive hair
Protect and strengthen hair from heat and the environment
Be young again

We love both of these products but I encourage this combination for all my natural-istas out there! Thanks Kevin!

[Exclusive] Kevin.Murphy Color.Bug WHITE???

14 Sep


We’ve heard whispers all over the Liquid Luxuries offices about this coming soon! All I have to say is be prepared for Color.Bug WHITE because from what I understand it’s coming VERY soon. Another addition to Kevin.Murphy’s fabulous temporary pigment line, Color.Bug. White will join the colors pink, orange & purple & I can’t wait to see what the contrast on dark hair looks like!

Apparently, COLOR.BUG White can be used as a base on dark hair to make other colors pop even more. It can also be used as a blender to create pastel hues, lighten blonde highlights or even be used as a pocket dry shampoo on blondes,” Murphy explains.

For more information on the new white COLOR.BUG and more colors, visit kevinmurphy.au.

EEEKKK!!! *Excitement*

Will you be trying the new Color.Bug when it comes out? I can’t wait!!!

[CONTEST] SHOW.US your HALLOWEEN Color.Bug Contest [via @KevinMurphyIntl]

14 Sep


I just caught wind of this and I’m giving EVERYONE ample time to run out & grab your favorite color.bugs before this competition launches! Are you ready for Halloween? I know WE are.

So, Kevin.Murphy has launched a brand new contest called Show.US. It kicks off on October 15th and he wants to see your Halloween hairstyle, outfit or style using Color.Bug creatively. The winner will most certainly get a prize. [They haven’t announced the grand prize just yet.]

The Show.US Competition is the first competition of many “POCKET.COMPS” that are to come. Kevin.Murphy officially launched the brand new online competition SERIES called “POCKET.COMPS” that will allow users like you to benefit and take part in something beneficial & fun!!!
So, remember!!!! Whenever you hear “POCKET.COMPS,” start your engines & get ready for a crazy competition!


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